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Hotel Reports Stolen Sex Toys

Illustration for article titled Hotel Reports Stolen Sex Toys

37% of travelers admit to stealing from hotels. While most of us steal towels and mugs, one British hotel claims their sex toys, available by request, are the most frequently stolen items. [Telegraph]


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

I generally recommend that if you travel a lot, and have accumulated a drawerful of hotel goodies, to occasionally clean that drawer out and bring it to your local hospital - many have "Angel Closets" with things like shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes - little things that you forgot to grab when a loved one was rushed off to emergency. Also, I rec having a bag stashed somewhere in your closet with those things plus a pair of sweats/change of underwear/etc, in case of emergency.

This story + this picture + my normal advice is blowing my mind.