Hot Take Alert! Oscar Noms Are 'White Man Keeping the Brown Man Down'

Quality-wise, local news is often just a hairpiece away from being on par with high school journalism class final projects—but this segment, which aired Friday on Fargo, North Dakota's KVLY, sets a new crappy standard.

On the one hand, we have coanchor Andrea Larson, a woman with the patience of a saint and the HELP ME eyes of a tween posing for a family photo at Disneyland. On the other, we have Chris Berg, Fargo's answer to a question that nobody asked. After some banter back and forth about how many states are in America (real banter), the two got to chattering about the Oscars. Berg tries so hard to dog whistle some JV-level racism that you can almost see the moment he gives himself a hernia with his AMIRITE AMIRITE glances at the crew.


His insight in its entirety:

You do not want me to go down this path. The white man keeping the brown man down. A big uproar, all the Oscars nominated obviously were all Caucasian. Everyone is upset. Al Sharpton out there stomping the floor, what's the dealio.

What's the dealio indeed? All the Oscars nominated obviously were all Caucasian. Larson gazes plaintively into the camera, hastily bringing up a 19-minute film about oil fields. Berg's shit-eating self-satisfied grin remains. It's local news at its best. And worst.

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