Hot on the heels of our post on handicapped pornography comes the news that Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal are set to star in a political satire flick called Nailed. The plot: Biel's character takes a nail to the skull, which turns her into some sort of crazy nympho, which leads her to lobby Washington for her pet cause like other rich Hollywood types. Gyllenhall's "immoral" Congressman fucks her and she like, gets elected or something. That part's less clear. Anyway, so, it's totes realistic about things like how often random people meet Congress Members when they come to Washington, and how nails to the skull make you want to have tons of random sex with people and nymphomania elicits sympathy and respect in the electorate. Although, bedding Jake Gyllenhaal definitely has our vote for something or other. [The Hollywood Reporter]