Women have surgery to change their breasts, noses and buttocks and to lift their faces and eyes. Now, surgeons have developed a new procedure to deal with a part of the body a woman can't really even see in a mirror: Her back. "For many patients β€” even the very fit ones, such as an aerobics instructor β€” the upper to mid-line back where the rolls and bulges form was very frustrating," says Dr. Joseph Hunstad. "This redundancy of skin occurs generally from aging and cannot be exercised away." InventorSpot reports that Dr. Hunstad and his colleagues created a "back fat" surgery to remove this "redundant skin." And Dr. Hunstad has good news:"For those who desire to wear form-fitting outfits, this procedure eliminates the problem." That's right, if you want to wear tight dresses, all you have to do is get your skin cut off. As of now, 20 female patients have gotten the bra-line back lift done. Seven have been questioned and all had positive feedback. But seriously: Were women clamoring for back fat surgery? Or is eliminating the world of unsightly "redundant" skin β€” which he admits is natural β€” just Dr. Hunstad's personal mission? How come there were no male back fat patients? And why are women always encouraged to go under the knife in a never-ending search for "perfection"? New Procedure Gets Rid of "Back Fat" [InventorSpot]