Hot Home Decor Accessory for Fall: A Jar of Headless Toads from the Bronze Age

Screencap via YouTube.
Screencap via YouTube.

A special treat for you, the sophisticated, minimalist yet somehow also quirky and eclectic subscriber to this, the “Archeologie” catalog: you can now decorate your airy loft or adorable, plant-bedecked bungalow with a very special Bronze Age accessory—a jar of headless toads.


Yes, fresh from a Canaanite tomb near Jerusalem comes this 4,000 year old jar of decapitated toads. (Well, technically, toad bones.) While it’s common to find food offerings in area tombs from the Middle Bronze Age, it’s more likely to be along the lines of “sheep, goats, oxen and even gazelles.” “Finding toads is pretty unusual,” admitted Shua Kisilevitz, the dig’s co-director, to the Times of Israel.

In other words, a unique item!

Supplies are very limited. A perfect accessory for the table on which you serve “pollen from date palms and myrtle bushes,” also found in the tomb, available now from our partners at Goop. Retails at $3,000.95; to clean, gently dust with your own artisanal toothbrush.



I’d just DIE if someone came over and saw my tired old jar of headless lambs - these toads are sure to surprise and delight my guests!