Hot Air Balloons Are Exploding Hens • Silicone Implants Linked To Lymphoma

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• Low-flying hot air balloons are startling egg-carrying hens in England and allegedly causing them to die due to exploding the eggs inside of them. • One tough jogger in Arizona jogged for a mile with a rabid fox locked onto her arm after the fox attacked her on Monday. • A man in New Zealand was found guilty of rape and abduction today after he raped a young woman and fell asleep in his car, which the woman drove to the police station. •• Iranian officials are now claiming that Esha Momeni, an Iranian American, acted against national security when they arrested her last month in Iran while she was making a documentary of women's activists in the country. • Meanwhile, the Nobel peace laureate Shrin Ebadi says that the Iranian penal code turned women into second-class citizens and uses an "incorrect" interpretation of Islam. • The rise of the internet has stopped many parents from paying taxes on their nannies, which may prove to be more difficult as the economy goes south and nannies require health insurance or get fired and file for unemployment. • Another pregnant woman was rejected from several hospitals in Tokyo, just 11 days before a similar series of rejections caused a pregnant woman to die after giving birth. • The Ministry of Defense is "looking into" allowing women to serve on submarines for the first time in the Royal Navy's history. • Ghada El-Tawli just recently returned to television after she was pulled from her job as an Egyptian anchorwoman after she decided to start wearing a hijab. • Although the risk is low, a new study has found that women with silicone breast implants increase their risk of developing a rare form of lymphoma. •

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Crabby Cakes

The image of someone jogging along with a rabid fox chomped on their arm is making me laugh so very inappropriately.