Hosts of The View Botch Interview with Girl Whose Rape Went Viral

A visibly uncomfortable Jenny McCarthy, joined by Whoopi Goldberg and guest hosts SuChin Pak and Meghan McCain, interviewed Jada, the teenage girl whose rape was shared on social media on The View Monday. It was painful to watch.


Any interview of this nature was bound to be difficult, considering the horror that Jada has gone through. But whoever decided McCarthy should be the point man for this interview maybe missed the memo on what McCarthy is good at. (Some people would say she's good at nothing; others would merely specify that she shouldn't be responsible for serious interviews with underage rape victims.) McCarthy stiffly read the script written for her, stuttered over the name of Jada's pastor Quanell X while introducing him and seemed clearly uncomfortable with the subject matter throughout the interview.

The other hosts weren't much better. After Jada finished telling her story, SuChin Pak said, "That's a very plausible story. That can happen at parties." Okay? Thanks for telling us you believe her. Meghan McCain added helpfully that she thought that those who raped Jada should have their pictures "blasted online." Whoopi's only commentary was something we've heard her say before: "The law will take its course. The law must take its course."

"Parents, have a conversation with your children," was McCarthy's takeaway, before congratulating Jada on what a good job she had done with the interview.

Shortly after the segment aired, McCarthy tweeted a link to the news about her next job: she'll be hosting a weekly radio show for SiriusXM called "Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy." On that show she plans to discuss "parenting, sex, dating and marriage" and, hopefully, all the things she's thankful for.



Can't The View just go the fuck away already? It's like the TV version of Yahoo article comments.