Horrific Photoshop Chops, Drunk Dudes & Invisible Vespas

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New to Jezebel? (Speaking of, whatever happened to that commenter?) In honor of 2008, we're providing a handy list of the most-read stories from 2007. What defined the year in women, at least on this site? Well, for starters: society's fucked-up standards of beauty, Tyra Banks, and the American Titocracy that is Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila and Miss South Carolina. Happy New Year, everyone!

1. Redbook airbrushes country singer Faith Hill into oblivion in a Photoshop of Horrors. (1,028,592 views)
2. We annotate Redbook's crime. (297,020 views)
3. Victims of online dating enjoy a little schadenfreude upon hearing the story of the 45-year-old guy who pretended he was 18. (180,554 views)
4. In response to the existence of a Facebook group in which young women are pictured drunk and disorderly, we create a photo gallery of drunk dudes in extremely compromising, and unconscious, positions. (116,379 views)
5. More on that Faith Hill Photoshop chop: Why we were pissed. (107,614 views)


6. MySpace phenomenon Tila Tequila appears on Tyra; admits to Sapphic fantasy scenario with Lindsay Lohan. (75,950 views)
7. Vogue gets one of what will become many LOLCAT treatments. (67,833 views)
8. The people who helped push young Megan Meier to suicide remain unrepentant. (67,491 views)
9. Readers rejoice after we put out a call for pictures of drunk dudes (see item number 4, above). (61,424 views)
10. Some readers appalled, others amused by our clip of foul-mouthed British teens with Tourette's Syndrome. (55,238 views).

The runners-up:
Bindi Irwin raps; young women find inspiration in anorexic, Italian models; Miss Teen South Carolina's Facebook page goes public; Paris Hilton becomes the Beverly Hills version of a napalm'ed Vietnamese girl; the Jezebel Women's Magazine Manifesto is introduced; ANTM's Saleisha and her very telling history with Tyra Banks; the first mention of the horrible story of Megan Meier; Glamour editor says having "black" hair is a corporate "Don't"; Jessica Alba's rumored herpes problem; and, how working for American Apparel is all it's coked up to be.

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I love "Crappy Hour" and "Is this day over yet?" and all the stuff everyone says on the snap judgements. And I laugh histerically.