Horribly Misguided Pro-Israel Art Casts Princess Jasmine As a Terrorist

What would happen if your favorite Disney characters were redrawn to resemble terrorists out to kill jews? Well, if you haven't had your daily dose of outrage yet, you're going to need to sit down for this "art" which casts "Princess Yasmine" and Aladdin as terrorists and Family Guy characters as poor defenseless Israelis.

I have no idea why this email was sent directly to me, but the person doing PR for aleXsandro Palombo decided that I would be the best person to contact regarding this thought-provoking art that one is meant to "meditate" on. Well, I meditated, and the only feeling I could come up with is disgust. If wars are won and lost with propaganda and public relations, then this "art" is a fail of epic proportions.


What's going on in Israel and Palestine is awful and atrocious, but casting beloved Disney characters, especially the two that are middle eastern, as terrorists isn't just mind-boggling, it's racist. It perpetuates the stereotype that all people who identify as Palestinian are blood-thirsty monsters and paints the characters whom the artist considers might pass for Israeli or Jewish as helpless victims. There's nothing to think about with this art, it's just an awful mess of "nope" that you want to wash from your brain forever.


If the message here is "No to Palestinian terrorism," then these pictures don't make that clear at all.


Images Via Alexsandro Palombo

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