Horrible Things Dane Cook Said on Stage Last Night

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Fratastic "comedian" Dane Cook showed up at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles last night to perform a most unexpected set. What a potentially unpleasant surprise! Famous comics — a label that really pains one to use in regards to Cook, but he was in some crappy movies — are known to drop in at clubs at random, usually bumping some of the night's scheduled performers to try out new material. And that is what happened last night. Here, according to various witnesses, are some choice snippets from his set:

  • He advised audience members to "go fuck a dirty whore. That's the best therapy."
  • He reminisced about that time he "chainsaw-fucked" a "disgusting whore's cunt."
  • He talked about how girls would do anything for him "because I'm me."

Well isn't that insightful! Don't quit your day job, Dane — oh, wait. Fuck.



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Ugh, I remember loving his Comedy Central special when it came out in the early 2000s. He actually talked about non-asshole stuff back then. But he turned into this gigantoid douchebag so incredibly quickly, as soon as he got the tiniest bit of fame from that CC special...and his entire act turned into just ridiculous "rehashes" (or exaggerations/outright lies, I assume) of his sex life, sexual preferences, his dick...just...ugh.

Occasionally his CC special comes on CC and I still love it (my senior year college roommate even bought the DVD version with the extras and we loved watching it just randomly because it was so damn funny), but it also makes me sad at the humor and talent that the human ego can override and destroy.