Horrible Parents Drive With Their Four Kids Strapped to the Car

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If you thought Mitt Romney's infamous tale of strapping his dog to the car roof and taking it for a terrifying, high speed cruise down the highway, then wait until you hear what a terrible mother and father from Indiana did. On Monday, the couple was seen strapping their four children to the roof hood of their car while it was parked in a liquor store parking lot in Fort Wayne. The witness wisely called the police, but not before the couple's car, complete with children strapped on top, drove away. (Update: I originally thought they were on the roof, but they were in fact on the hood—which makes this even crazier because how could they see out of the car to navigate?!)


Fortunately, police were able to track the car down—can't have been too hard to spot such a wild-looking ride—and put an end to things before anyone got hurt. It turns out the children, who ranged in age from four to seven, had said yes to it because they thought "it sounded like fun." Of course it sounded like fun! But that's why parents exist: to teach children that it's a big no-no to ride on top of a moving vehicle.

What's so puzzling about this incident is that there appears to be no real reason for putting the kids up there. It's not like they didn't fit inside the car—since presumably that's how they got to the liquor store in the first place. And it's a huge amount of work to strap four children to a car (or so I've heard), so it's not like the parents did it out of laziness. It must have just been an extremely ill-advised adventure. Alas, you might not be surprised to learn that the father was arrested on a "preliminary drunken driving charge," and he may also have other charges coming his way. The mother was also questioned, and the Department of Child Services is involved.

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pesto nexto mybed

This can't be blamed purely on alcohol; these people are just awesome. True story though, one time my uncle saw fit to toss a wooden, rocking porch swing into the bed of the old Dodge, and we rode on it in the bed, on tiny logging roads, through the woods on about a 60 mile round trip adventure to a bar in the middle of nowhere that sold especially delicious fried shrimp. I was probably 15 then, though. But we weren't strapped to shit! That was Idaho...