Hooters Waitress Visits Career Day, Tells Learning Disabled Kids To Reach for the Stars

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The mother of a sixth grader is irate after a Hooters waitress was invited to speak at her son's school career day, comparing the incident to a California school's decision to invite Sasha Grey to read to students.


Calvin A. Hunsinger school in Pinellas— wait for it— Florida enrolls 130 kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. Most of them are learning disabled or have special needs. According to the St. Petersburg Times, 23-year-old Hooters waitress Britney Morgan was invited to speak as part of a statewide program called The Great American Teach-In, an event that encourages schools to host career role models for their students' benefit.

Even though Morgan was there to talk about how great it is to be a Hooters waitress, her endorsement of the profession was tepid at best. She told the St. Petersburg Times,

But I'm confident there was nothing wrong with my presentation. Most of us (Hooters waitresses) are going to school. We're aspiring to do other things in life. This isn't our career.

A ringing endorsement!

School officials claim they contacted the Hooters corporate office and were sent a waitress from the local flagship restaurant rather than a suit wearing professional with a desk and a computer who isn't ogled for a living. The parent who complained claims that she personally knows at least ten non-waitresses who would have gladly volunteered to speak on career day. The kids claim the waitress was wearing dirty shoes. And the Hooters waitress claims she's not really a waitress at all, but rather an aspiring somethingelse.

The corporate office should have at least sent a Hooters Waitress who was excited about her job rather than kind of ashamed of it. If even waitresses don't respect waitressing, how do you expect non-waitresses or kids, who are notoriously jerks, to respect it?

The school only received one parental complaint about Morgan's visit, as opposed to the national outpouring of tsk that Sasha Grey received as the result of her daring to be near children. And unlike Grey, Morgan showed up to explicitly endorse Hooters waitressing as a great way to earn a living, whereas Sasha Grey was just there to emphasize that reading is good.


No word on whether the school would invite any more career day speakers to pop in and endorse a career that they swear is only a means to an end. Perhaps a guy that donates a ton of semen and plasma? Maybe someone who works retail during the holidays so that they can afford to take a tropical vacation every February?

Anyway, little girls with learning disabilities: be hot when you grow up, and just capitalize on that until your tits fall. And dream big and stuff.


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Maybe this is just my take, but in the linked article it really sounds like the parent who complained was less concerned about "Hooters" and more concerned about the fact she was a waitress. She said, "I'm not knocking waitresses. They're very hard-working,"..."My point is, these kids should have higher goals."

I wish that when I was a kid I was taught that there is no shame in a blue collar job, and that waitresses are hard working and deserve respect. As a student, I feel that I was told that I was too good for a working class job, and constantly warned that if I didn't study hard I would end up in one of these jobs, as if that's a terrible thing. There were no construction workers, secretaries, or waitresses at my career day. Though the fact that Hooter's waitresses are known for their skimpy uniforms and large breasts is concerning, I agree with the superintendent's desire to have a diverse group of presenters.