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Hookers, Victims, & Doormats

Illustration for article titled Hookers, Victims,  Doormats

Are actresses more likely to avoid stereotypes in comedies? We know that some actresses don't think so but two of the newest casting announcements for comedies show us the two possible ends of the spectrum. Drillbit Taylor's Leslie Mann is cast to play the wife of an imprisoned man (Jim Carrey) who falls in love with his cell mate in the black comedy I Love You Philip Morris. Verdict: probably a victim/doormat. Toni Collete will star as the close friend of Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski, who play a couple looking for the best place to raise their unborn child in an untitled film. Verdict: With Sam Mendes directing and two parts of the McSweeney's machine writing, Collette will probably make out okay. [THR. THR]


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@jenndavo: Girl thought she was so much more important than another comedy actor in an upcoming movie - she called her husband (not even a producer on this film - totally not involved) and had him call the production office "treat her as she deserves" which meant being moved up from #3 to #2 on the call sheet (she would have gone for #1, but that was a particular teen heartthrob - no way her people could go toe to toe with his people and that's cute because he really has no idea that's true)

She routinely treats *everyone* on the set - including the director and other, much better actors - like her servants, and it's having an obvious effect on younger more impressionable actresses.

@GingerVitis: She owes her entire career to projects her husband has gotten for her. Lucky bitch.

@Banana Grabber: We'll have to agree to disagree. I tend to really hate over-the-top comedy that wasn't hilarious in the first place but goes on endlessly. To me - Jonah Hill was comic gold in that movie. Simple, understated, and lasted about one shot. That isn't a hard and fast rule, some people are geniuses at it. I just don't happen to think that she is.