Hookers, Victims & Doormats

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We're starting to sense a pattern in the career of Katherine Heigl! Following up her roles in romantic comedies playing an accidentally-impregnated TV producer and an unlucky-in-love personal assistant, Hollywood's "hottest blonde" is set to star as an unlucky-in-love TV producer in the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth. According to Variety, Heigl will play a morning show exec who finds herself "reluctantly embroiled... in a series of outrageous tests to prove [a sexist TV correspondent's] theories on relationships". The not so ugly truth? This time around, Heigl's male costar is named Gerard Butler. [Variety]



@BeAgrestic: Oh Jesus. "The Notebook" is the one my friends ALL insist I would just LOVE if I'd give it a chance. After I recited dialogue from it without even seeing the movie, they gave up.

@hortense: Oh Jareth. I loved loved loved that movie. Still love it, actually.

@LadySkittlehattington: I LIVED Robin Hood, for, like, a year and a half. I was a Will Scarlett girl: Christian Slater set my heart a-flutter. I re-watched part of it a couple months ago... oh wow. What an actually horrible film. And yet...