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Hookers, Victims & Doormats

Illustration for article titled Hookers, Victims  Doormats

Diablo Cody's ascent in Hollywood continues apace: Her hit film, Juno, made second place in the weekend box office, surpassing the Will Smith starrer I Am Legend, and, in a hat trick for women in Hollywood, the Juno screenwriter's script, Jennifer's Body, has been picked up by Fox Atomic with director Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) set to direct. The film, described as a "quirky comedic thriller", follows a cheerleader (Megan Fox) "whose perfect life goes haywire when she becomes possessed and begins killing the young men in town who lust after her." Looove it. [Variety, Variety]


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Juno was cute and that's it. The acting was terrific. But, oh my goodness, there were times when Juno came off as downright unlikable (her first meeting with the Lorings, for example). And I think that is more attributed to the crap the script expected to come out of her mouth than Ellen Page—her delivery was fantastic.

Someone that I think actually came off quite well was Jennifer Garner. I don't like her as an actress or a personality, and her character is written as exactly the kind of uptight, suburban, motherhood-worshiping person I can't stand, but I thought she was luminous. I almost got sympathy biological clock pains. (I'm 24.) Almost.

But yeah, the first 10 minutes irked me beyond belief. "Silencio, old man"? "This is one doodle that can't be undrawn"? "Honest to blog"? "Phuket, Thailand"? REALLY? Can't you just have your characters speak normally and then have them say funny shit every now and then? "I'm on my hamburger phone"? GOD.