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Hookers, Victims & Doormats

Illustration for article titled Hookers, Victims  Doormats

Hollywood's most famous reincarnated superstar (and inspiration for this very feature), Shirley MacLaine, is set to star as none other than Coco Chanel, reports Variety. MacLaine, 73, "will play the designer in her later years, as she set out to re-establish her reputation as a fashion trendsetter" in a Lifetime miniseries on the legendary French designer's life that will cover everything from Chanel's upbringing in an orphanage to her re-invention in her 70s. (Shirley is playing the "older" Coco, natch.) "It's a love story, it's a rags to riches story, it has some strong statements about women and about how the world has changed," the film's director, Christian Duguay, says, adding that Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld is helping on the production. Which means, invariably, that the finished product will end up being 90% Karl and 10% Coco, just like the Chanel exhibit at the Costume Institute a few years back! [Variety]


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I feel that Miss MacLaine has a gift better suited to comedy than drama. She just seems to be a funny person.