Hong Kong Billionaire Will Still Give Some Straight Dude Lots of Money to Marry His Lesbian Daughter

Back in September, Hong Kong business man/father of the year Cecil Chao Sze-tsung offered a $65 million "reward" to any man able to woo and marry his lesbian daughter who, by the way, has been married to her longtime female partner since April of last year. Totally a cool dad move, right? Chao's daughter Gigi immediately deterred suitors, graciously commenting, "My heart is taken. I am happy. And [my father] knows I am happy. He just wants me to be more happy." I would've gone with "What the hell are you thinking, pops?" But to each their own.


Anyway, several months later, Cecil Chao wants to make it clear that, while he'll "accept" his daughter's choice to be with a woman, he would strongly prefer that she be with a man and that the $65 million dowry still stands. "She can choose whatever she wants," he told the Financial Times. "But anyone who comes along to pursue Gigi, we will give them a moderately deluxe life. I would not force her to marry a man. But obviously I would, from my point of view, prefer her to be married and to have grandchildren." (She is married and she could still have grandchildren, you dum-dum.)


Chao's interview with the FT also included a photo series inside his estate, the "Happy Lodge," to help display what this "moderately deluxe life" might entail. If you're a straight dude drawn to lots of marble, a koi pond and a wife who will never be sexually interested in you or in love with you, then this might be the perfect deal. Also, you should probably get a brain transplant.

Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung, Hong Kong Billionaire Reveals 'Moderately Deluxe Life' For Suitors To His Lesbian Daughter Gigi [Huff Po UK]

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