Honey Boo Boo Snores During Televised Interview

Usually when someone is wearing no shoes, smudged eye makeup, and nodding off during a television interview, it's because s/he is on Intervention. In this case, though, Alana Thompson is speaking to Dr. Drew for a sit-down which airs on his HLN show tonight, and the results are just as sad. While the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo displays the family's polarizing, warts-and-all lifestyle that triumphantly revels in the "it is what it is" philosophy promulgated by their matriarch Mama, this interview, sadly, suggests that fame has perhaps morphed that into "it is what it's become."

The interview was conducted during Alana and Mama's whirlwind media blitz trip to L.A., where they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, responded to a viral video Christopher Walken made, and hung out with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump and her dog Giggy. It's no wonder that Alana seems exhausted in the Dr. Drew clip.


And while she isn't truly falling asleep, it's clear that she's cranky and acting out, swiping at Dr. Drew's face and being disrespectful while he's asking her questions, only to snap to attention to scream that she doesn't like being on TV, because "fans come up to me and I hate it."

In another clip, she says people treat her differently at school, talking over Mama, who is trying to insist that she still lives "a very normal life." Is it normal for a seven-year-old to be so jaded by the presence of TV cameras?

It's going to be difficult for TLC to retain the original authenticity of their show when the attention has quite obviously affected the family's reality, despite their claims that it has not.

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After watching the 3rd presidential debate last night and listening to both candidates talk about what they want the US to become, I realize that (as a non-American) you guys are doomed. It matters not what they want you to become - Honey Boo Boo is indicative of what you *have* become. How can you all put up with this shit????