Homophobes Gracefully Cancel Plans To Picket Tucson Girl's Funeral

Illustration for article titled Homophobes Gracefully Cancel Plans To Picket Tucson Girls Funeral

Members the Westboro Baptist Church promised they won't appear at the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green. Lest you think they're losing their crazy, hateful edge, they will protest at the funerals of other victims of the shooting in Arizona.

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Lucky Frog

I posted this the other day in groupthink, but here we go again.

I think the best possible response to them happened in Oklahoma. They had just finished protesting the funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan, and they returned to their van to find that someone had slashed the shit out of their tires. Nobody, and I mean nobody in town would lift a finger to help, and they limped around on the rims trying to find an auto shop that wouldn't tell them to get fucked. AAA had to tow them to the next town over.

They are playing with some strong emotions in Arizona, and I won't be too surprised if they finish their little broadcast to find their hooptie wheels up and on fire.