Homeless Science Whiz Attends State of the Union Address

Our favorite scientist, Samantha Garvey, was on Today this morning, showing off her autographed copy of the State of the Union speech and telling Ann Curry: "My research, my science, has been my ticket out." Since becoming one of 300 semi-finalists in the annual Intel Science Talent search, the homeless teenager has received a $50,000 scholarship from Ellen DeGeneres and AT&T, attended the President's speech in Washington, DC (where she met a bunch of representatives and Nancy Pelosi), and applied to Yale and Brown. Garvey is not one of the 40 finalists in the Intel contest, but it's obvious she's winning anyhow. When asked about her future, Garvey said: "I want to work hard…Continue doing my science. Being at the State Of The Union last night, I got to meet all of these fantastic people, and I just thought, I kind of want to do what they do." Does anyone doubt Samantha Garvey can do whatever she sets her mind to?


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