Homeless Chic

The homeless man pictured at left, 56-year-old John Wesley Jermyn, is the face of an allegedly-hot new clothing label in Los Angeles called "The Crazy Robertson," after the street he is known for gracing with his schizophrenic presence, which is also known for housing the very terrible boutique Kitson. What seems like run-of-the-mill exploitation is actually a little more nuanced than that, according to the Wall Street Journal, which quotes a founder of the clothing label saying "He's our Michael Jordan" and sees a contract pledging Jermyn 5% of the clothing line's net profit, which is a better cut than Michael Jordan makes with Nike — not that the company really makes any money — but it all reminds me: did you know that the graphic designer who invented the Nike swoosh got paid, like, twenty bucks? Eventually they shoved a few million dollars her way, but you know, this homeless guy's deal probably looks pretty good to her right about now. [WSJ]


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