Homecoming Queen Gives New Meaning To Term "Trailer Trash"

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Meet Donna Sturkie-Anthony: A former high school homecoming queen who is now in her early 40s and is more gangsta than you could ever imagine. Currently in jail after an alleged incident in which she beat her sister with a prosthetic leg, Donna has a reputation in her town of North Huntington, PA for being a rowdy, violent drunk. She's been arrested over a half-dozen times since 1991, and one of those times — a DUI — she was so drunk that she smeared her feces in the back of a police car. Last month, Donna's sister visited her trailer to discuss her drinking problem and Donna became so enraged that she pulled off her sister's prosthetic leg and beat her with it. After that, she stole her neighbors' phone and threatened to burn their trailer down if they testified against her. But wait, it gets better!


In another (related) incident, Donna threw garbage and raw, ground meat at her neighbor, then threatened to kick his pregnant daughter in the stomach. One neighbor is so afraid of Donna that she wouldn't show her face on camera, but she did say that when the police get called to Donna's place — which apparently happens often — they know enough to bring backup each time. Donna is currently being held without bond because she's believed to be a danger to herself and others, and faces felony charges of intimidation of a witness and assault for the attack on her sister.

Ex-Homecoming Queen Beats Sister With Fake Leg In Trailer [YouTube via Breitbart]



Actually, this lady does look pretty good for her age. She has got to be make up free in that picture and is probably high as a kite. It's not like that is her best look. It's a mug shot.