Holy Shit.

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Literal and figurative purge tonight. Nearly one million people have been driven from Southern California homes that stretch across an area 150 times larger than that fire they're still talking about in Chicago. A good friend of Anna's lost his house, which means a good friend of mine who lives in the neighborhood probably did too, and odds are, with a million and counting driven from their homes by a billion and counting dollars worth of damage, that you too know someone affected by a disaster officials are now saying is "days away at the earliest." It's hard not to be awed at the magnitude of it, or that there have thus far been so few human casualties, or that, not that I feel like getting meta- on you at a time like this or quite frankly ever again, Michael Brown is offering himself up to be interviewed as to how to begin to answer these questions.


"It was nuclear winter. It was like Armageddon. It looked like the end of the world... I lost count" of how many homes burned, one firefighter said, while an evacuee remarked about her husband's not-exactly-attractive trailer: "I'll never complain about this trailer again."

Not that means shit about shit, but I never thought I had to worry about Southern California. They always seemed to have it all: dirt cheap wine, Trader Joe's, beaches, weather free of rain and humidity and cold and really anything else that might cause a citizen stress or discomfort; cheap rents compared with what I'm paying; In-N-Out; awesome drives. When I moved east from LA I would spend a few nights a week lying fully-clothed in a tanning bed all winter long just to keep from falling into crippling depression; that's the sort of motivation and irrepressible positivity I was missing out on just waking up there every morning and maybe that's why it's harder to fathom the tragedy capable of occurring there.

The research is telling us we'd better get used to it, and Michael Brown would probably say the same thing, because they said the same thing about Katrina, but Jesus Christ it's hard to know how to react to that except to say, "Shut up, fuckshit, there's nothing for you to say right now just sit back and don't be afraid to be service-y for once in your life...

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During the hour long drive home this evening from Century City to my home in Reseda, a grand total of about 18 miles, I traveled under the black cloud of soot and smoke emanating from all them fires in and about Los Angeles. The sunset was beautiful. The air was orange and dry. A sneeze is always just seconds away. Last year, the fires burned so hot and fast that the ashes of leaves rested intact, with veins and spikes, on my car in the morning. Southern California, without knuckleheads throwing cigarettes out car windows, or downed power lines, or arsonous assholes, would burn regularly. It's the way of nature; the same nature that drives bears and cougars to backstroke in hillside mansion swimming pools. We here in LA and indeed, SoCal, continue to build on land Mother Nature will each and every time pimp slap us into remembering is and always will be hers and we're fools for trying to fool her. Or fools for being hubristically greedy over what territory belongs to whom. Moe ain't got nothing in heartless bitchitude on Mother N. You push that heifer and she'll displace hundreds of thousands and won't even look back to yell "sucker."

My point? Dunno. Just wanted to wax philosophical while it's late and nobody's paying all that much attention since I'm wordy. And let Moe know that I didn't find her posts all that incendiary (heh). Can't speak for other folks, though. Nor should I.