Holy Fuck: Watch These Guys Endure 2-1/2 Hours of Intense Simulated Labor

Have any of your male friends ever said they always wondered what it was like to experience the miracle of birth? No? Well, I live in Berkeley and I've known some hacky sack-playing motherfuckers who've said some shit like that.


Well, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, hosts of the Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs, put their testes where their uteruses ain't. With electrodes strapped to their stomachs, they experienced simulated contractions with slowly increasing intensity over two hours until they're screaming in agony. It's truly some fucked-up Fear Factor craziness.*

Of course, they didn't have to endure the nine months of gestation, the many more hours involved in actual labor, and the physical traumas of birth, so it's not exactly one hundred percent legit. However, the next time someone says boo about women being the weaker sex, it's time to point them in the direction of this fake labor insanity.

*According to the comments, these are the same people who prepared and ate a fry-up in fat retrieved from liposuction. Yikes!

[via Neatorama]


My wife tried the "I just had a caesarian" with me...then I reminded her of my double hernia. I was down and out for far longer than she was...