Holy Crap! 'The Tyra Show' Is Back!

It was killing us to decide exactly which clip to show from the premiere episode of the new season of Tyra: There was just too much ridiculousness to choose from. The first half of the show was all about Tyra's move from Los Angeles to New York, in which she pretended to runway-walk across the country. Sound retarded? It was! And we didn't like it... we loved it. If this first episode is any indication—and duh, it so is—this will be her best season yet.


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My theory is that Tyra was just clued in to green screen special effects. Between this clip and her ANTM model of the future photos I'm convinced she thinks she's on the cutting edge. At this point I'm just waiting for her to announce that the new season of ANTM will be available on laser disc.