Holy Crap, It Now Costs One Million Dollars to Buy a Parking Spot in Manhattan

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Look to the sky for flying pigs, stick your finger down into hell to see if it's frozen over. The day has arrived when you can now pay one million dollars for a single, measly little parking spot in Manhattan. Brb, going to push my imaginary car into the East River.


Sadly this is not a joke. A parking spot, which is in a condo building in posh Greenwich Village, has been priced at $1 million, and they actually think someone will buy it. WHY? Well, according to the realtor who's selling it,

It's for someone who wants complete privacy. You can drive in and not be seen again. It's for the type of person who finds that attractive. It could be a celebrity or a business person who is camera shy.

Hmm, well, I guess I'd want to hide too if I paid that much for a 12-foot by 23-foot piece of cement—mostly because I'd be afraid everyone would laugh at me. For the record, the price tag on this spot is six times the price of an average single family home in the rest of the country, and the New York Post calculated that you'd have to get a $115 parking ticket every day for 24 years to equal the price of this spot. So, maybe just stick to street parking if you don't have one million spare dollars and an extreme desire to be hidden from public view.

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I have a hard enough time understanding why anyone would want to live in New York or any of the upper east coast. Cramped quarters, insane cost of living, and for what? Wall to Wall Glass & brick?