Hollywood Stylist Kate Young's Target Collection Is Perfect For Prom

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A bunch of attractive and fashionable celebrities — including Michelle Williams (love the hair!), Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Kate Mara — turned up tonight at the NYC launch of celebrity stylist Kate Young's Target collection. What do you think? Cute? Not cute? Who cares? What day is it?


It appears all three of the above ladies are wearing pieces from the line, and we're all gonna need that blazer immediately. Not an insult, but so many of these dresses would be ideal for prom. That said, who wants to go to prom? We can all wear this long polka dot number and be twins.*

Prices for the eveningwear collection start at $30 for clothing and $15 for jewelry, and it hits stores on April 14 (right before we get our mid-month checks — smart, Target).


Also, Target, will you please produce some of this stuff in plus sizes? Pretty please? If you do, I promise I'll parade around in your formal wear all day long. People at Safeway will be all, "Damn, Laura, you look TOO good!" and I'll look over my shoulder, wink, and say, "I know it, baby! TARGET." (Or I'll say whatever you want me to say, within reason.) (JK, I'll say ANYTHING.)

*If Michelle Williams' white blazer and the long polka dot dress had a baby, it would totally be Bette Midler's costume from Big Business. Proof:

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and of course, none of these will be offered in plus sizes. Of course. I wish this dress was in my fat ass size.