Hollywood Squares Rebooted as Hip-Hop Squares; Ghostface Killah Is the New Charo

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Remember the other night when The Game dumped two bottles of $1,400 Ace Of Spades champagne on the street and then bought hot dogs for everyone, and you were like, "I would really enjoy this sort of joie de vivre in a square"?

MTV2 has rebooted the kitschy classic game show Hollywood Squares—which, in its past lives since the 1960s, featured one-liner bait like Whoopi Goldberg, Carol Channing, Vincent Price, Joan Rivers, Florence Henderson and myriad other TV personalities—as Hip-Hop Squares. It is exactly what it sounds like: Rappers, comedians, DJs, and assumedly the Twitter-famous answering trivia questions about pop culture. The network even hired back some of the old workhorses of the show's 1998 iteration to write the questions for the new version (which, honestly, could be its own show).

Among those tapped for the first season are Community star Donald Glover, neé Childish Gambino, Machine Gun Kelly, Fat Joe, Method Man, DJ Khaled, Amber Rose and Wu Tang alum Ghostface; all are encouraged to hit the open bar in the green room backstage (cameras rolling, natch). Glover and Kelly, seated in the lowest row, joked about how they were seated in "the projects."


The network is angling to reach a 12 to 34-year-old dude audience, which they cutely refer to as the "male-ennials." How is it working out? I will let this magic moment speak for me:

"Why you got to ask me that, that's disrespect," Fat Joe responded to a question about what kitchen utensil a pig's private parts most resemble.


Tic-Tac-Toe for the Vigorously Unsquare [NYT]

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Is this going to be on in the afternoon? It makes me wistful for days when you came home from school and your ass was parked on the couch for MTV, because heaven forbid you miss "Total Request Live", "Say What? Karaoke" and "The Blame Game".