The standard image of Hollywood is a classic boys club: Deals made in cigar-filled boardrooms, on golf courses, or in red sports cars, aka mid-life-crisis mobiles. But according to a piece in the LA Times, things have changed. The power's with the new Hollywood Mommy Mafia: "Female film financiers and producers are taking meetings at kiddie parks. Mommy & Me groups are birthing adult friendships that extend beyond quelling toddler tantrums and lead to lucrative deals. High-profile birthday parties, rather than red carpet premieres and business dinners, are the hot new places to network." Great, if you have kids. But what if you don't?Says film producer Laylee Olfat: "A conversation stops when it comes out that I don't have kids or plan to have kids. So I have found other ways to authentically open doors. I relate to their stories or offer to hang out with their kids." Okay, fair enough. For years women have had to try and "man up" to compete in Tinseltown; now powermoms get to exclude the childless. Except the paper actually prints these words:

But the ultimate nod to the potency of the mama mafia is that guys are now lining up to kiss the ring. Just as women once practiced putting to hit the links with male clients, dads are quick to bring up organic diapers and car seat recalls during meetings.

Yeah, it's not really cool unless men are doing it, too. Hollywood's Mommy Mafia [LA Times]