When you think about it, any reasonably respectable actor must have just a mantle full of random awards we've never thought of. Take the 12th Annual Hollywood Film Festival's Awards, and the accompanying gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Seems perfectly respectable, yet I wasn't even aware of it until now, despite its roster of real stars and good clothes! Think Angelina, Natalie, Marisa, Kat Dennings and, yes, Phoebe Price. So you know that means serious Good, real Bad and, you guessed it, Ugly. After the jump.

The Good:

Camilla Belle has a tendency to look awesome.

Jaime King skews slightly Spring, but looks so cute!


Angie does elegance with a gothic edge like nobody else. Clint's fine too!

Mandy Walker's one-shoulder is a classic "do."


I really like how eccentrically elegant both Kristin Scott-Thomas and Natalie Portman look here.

The Bad:

I remember seeing this look on the runway and thinking, wow, the lace is gorgeous but the cut would look totally dowdy in real life. Marisa Tomei takes runway to reality.


I adored Sally Hawkins in Happy Go Lucky but this frock reminds me of something her wacky character would sport.


Taraji Henson's ecru reminds me of unevenly applied frosting - ie, how it looks when I frost a cake.

Kat Dennings is another one I'd really, really love to make a "Good." Her teensy bodice won't let me.


On the upside, Maria Bello could totally sport this to the Vatican, an Orthodox synagogue or a conservative mosque and not raise a ripple!

The Ugly:


Let's face it, for Phoebe Price this is downright demure! But I think she'd be sad if she didn't get her usual spot of honor, so we'll give it to her on a purely relative basis!

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