Hollywood Actresses Are A Bunch Of Posers

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Today, as we pour over Oscar fashions, it's important to remember that $5 million jewels and a custom fitted gown alone don't make an actress look fabulous - she needs a finely honed pose.


Posing is an art form, and Hollywood stylists may spend hours with their clients, giving them lessons on, as The Washington Post describes it, "contorting a three-dimensional body, with all of its curves and angles, into a vision of two-dimensional perfection." "This is an actress's image, the way people see her outside that movie," says Jeanne Yang, a L.A. stylist who has worked with Katie Holmes, Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz. "Those pictures will live forever." While non-famous wives and relatives may be seen slouching down the red carpet like normal humans, even after 45 minutes on the red carpet, you'll be hard pressed to find a photo of a true A-lister not snapped into the "one foot in front of the other, hands on hips" pose. [The Washington Post]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Sometimes, when people want to take pictures of me, I slouch really unattractively and roll my eyes in an attempt to look as pissed off/impatient as possible (see: avatar). This is why I would make a terrible celebrity.