Holly Madison Doesn't Like What She Sees At Playboy Casting Call

I don't understand women who say they've dreamed of being a Playboy Playmate since they were little girls. While I'm not opposed to sex work, I just don't see why a pre-pubescent little girl would have aspirations that are so…adult. Last night's episode of Girls Next Door featured Holly attending open casting calls around the country, searching for a Playmate to be featured in the 55th anniversary issue of Playboy, and she was less than enthused by some of the applicants, most of whom have been wanting this opportunity since childhood. You'd think that women who've been living their lives for this one moment would be a little more prepared, like arriving to the audition with a decent weave, a bikini that fits, or the ability to string a sentence together. Clip above. (Slightly NSFW from blurred nudity.)



When I was a 10 year old I wanted to be Marlon Perkins or Jacque Costeau, not a Playboy bunny.

That photog with the grey hair is cute.