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Hole Reunites for 13 Glorious Minutes

It's been a rough couple of weeks for you Courtney Love fans out there — how about a break from embarrassing news of Muppet feuds and Twitter tirades? This past weekend, following a screening of the documentary Hit So Hard: The Life & Near Death Story of Patty Schemel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, all four members of Hole reunited for a short set for the first time since 1999.


Sounding pretty good there, Ms. Love.

Watch Hole Reunite In Williamsburg [Stereogum]

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Dave Haaz-Baroque

I'm kind of a traitor to my generation in that I never liked Nirvana OR Hole (despite going to high school in the absolute height of the Grunge era). I'm usually appalled by Courtney's trainwreck personality and her mistreatment of her daughter, and in general I narrow my eyes at the hero-worship of anyone so self-destructive or unpleasant, regardless of gender.

Having said all that, Courtney looks happier in this video than she's looked publicly in a long long time. Despite the fact that I don't care for her, I couldn't help but be a bit heart-warmed by how much she seems to light up in this video. For her sake I hope she has more days like this.