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Hog Heaven

Illustration for article titled Hog Heaven

Doris Probst just became the first woman to win the Annual Hog Calling Contest at the Illinois State Fair with her amazing hollerin'. Hog calling is the act of yelping, squealing, and singing to get hoggies to move into a specific place. Although the Illinois State Fair competition doesn't really involve herding any hogs, Probst does have to impress the audience and judges with her humorous and authentic way of grunting which, for a woman, usually involves doing away with any idea of being perceived as feminine (snorting isn't very ladylike, apparently). But who cares about being seen as sexy if you can make them laugh. Congrats Doris! [Shakesville]


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href="#c7220984">tscheese: I finally figured that out but what's strange is it isn't just me.

If you test it out you'll see it happens with about 1/3 of the people who have posted comments. (heykoukla, for instance)

Today is the first time that this has happened to me so it must be a glitch.