Hofstra Student "Likely" To Face Criminal Charges For Rape Accusation

Illustration for article titled Hofstra Student "Likely" To Face Criminal Charges For Rape Accusation

The Hofstra University student who recanted her rape allegations against four men will "likely" receive criminal charges in a few days. A source said police were awaiting some "corroborating evidence," but did not reveal what the charges would be. [Newsday]

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I'm afraid to scroll down, mostly because I think people's sanctimonious lectures about the justice system are unnecessary in this context. I am also surprised, frequently and repeatedly, by some people's devotion to exonerating total strangers when said exoneration could possibly involve a slut shaming.

In the justice system itself, these young men were considered innocent until they were proven guilty. The fact that former evidence of their guilt is no longer present - and really, that's the best we can say about it because none of us live in this woman's head and none of us can say, really, how she felt about it - means that any consequence they might have suffered from the accusation is now nil.

What I'm saying is: these guys are in no danger of having their reputations ruined. None. There are a million dudes waiting in the wings to clog Google searches with paeans to them as martyrs to the cause. In fact, there are several people in this thread who seem pretty hand-wringy about these "poor boys." Your "concern" for them is therefore, at best, overstated. I suspect your exaggeration of it says a lot more about how you feel about women (and your view that women make rape accusations to, you know, persecute men) and gender than it does about your commitment to justice.