Tonight, the Heene family went on Larry King Live, where six-year-old "balloon boy" Falcon Heene explained that he didn't come out of his hiding place because his parents told him not to... because "we were doing this for a show."

Notice how the dad, Richard Heene, seems crushed, as though the jig is up, right after Falcon answers Wolf Blitzer's question. All he could muster was a sigh and, "Oh, man." At one point, Richard put on some seemingly fake tears when he was talking about how he felt when he saw his son alive, which prompted his kids to ask, "Why are you crying?" Later in the show, Blitzer returned to Falcon's odd answer, and the father got flustered, defensive and angry. I'm not really buying that this kid sat in a box in the attic for four hours; he can barely sit still next to his father for five minutes, and kept getting up and walking away in the middle of the interview.

I'm also not buying 10-year-old Bradford's story about seeing his brother get in the balloon, but not really seeing him get in the balloon. Don't depend on little kids to competently lie for you on live television.

When asked whether or not this was a publicity stunt, Richard said no, and then went on to publicize his career as a weather chaser.