Hoarders Introduces Us to the Most Disgusting Bathroom in America

Mary has been living in filth for longer than her family can remember, and while they knew the conditions of her home were bad, they didn't know to what extent until the Hoarders cameras—along with a therapist—bravely entered the dwelling in hazmat suits. An owner of 15 cats, the house is literally covered in not only animal feces, but Mary's excrement as well, as she is incontinent and doesn't have running water in her home. The bathroom looks like someone painted every inch of surface space with runny shit and then let it crust over. During filming for this episode, Mary became violently ill from the fumes in the home and began going into respiratory failure. She had to be removed, through a window, by paramedics. Unsurprisingly, the county building inspector condemned the home. Do yourself a favor and don't eat Lean Cuisine Swedish meatballs while viewing this clip. It will totally change the way you view the brown sauce in a way that's irreversible.

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It's weird, but the poop ones or even the animal ones don't bother me NEARLY as much as the food. I stopped watching Hoarders after this episode where a lady had soooo much food that was rotten and disgusting and riddled with botulism and she was STILL EATING SOME OF IT. That, to me, was rock bottom.