A&E's Obsessed documents the process in which people with various forms of OCD try to manage their conditions. On last night's episode, Russ โ€” a Corky Sinclair-type โ€” saw his pack-rat ways sever his "friendship" with a man named Rich.

Russ, an aspiring musical theater actor, developed an attachment to objects after the death of his mother left him without any family, and very few friends. An antiques enthusiast, he compulsively buys memorabilia and pieces of furniture that he can't even access because so much stuff is piled on them. He seems closeted (his clothes, shoes, and other clutter are anything but), and, even though he refers to Rich as his "friend" it's obvious that they actually used to date.

Russ' dream is to get his apartment and life in order, and buy a comfortable chair for Rich to sit on. He thinks this is a way to get Rich back in his life. After Russ completed 12 weeks of therapy for his condition, Rich came over for a visit, and although there was a huge improvement, Rich wasn't all that impressed... in fact, he didn't seem to care for the comfortable chair that Russ purchased.