Hmm... It Seems Iggy Azalea Is Pivoting to Latina?

Iggy Azalea, the white Australian lady whose whole plan to conquer the world by appropriating Southern American blackness ended up last year in an apparently shelved album, seems she is trying a new tack/trying on a new culture. Friends, I regret to inform you that it seems Iggy is pivoting to Latina. Don’t shoot the messenger.


In the new video for “Savior,” which is produced by Cirkut but NOT DR. LUKESHE INSISTS—Azalea sort of rap sings on a generically-global, bootleg karaoke version of a lite dembow, while dancing inside a Baz Luhrmann church with a veil over her head. It’s giving just enough La Virgen vibes, so that it wouldn’t necessarily make a devoted Católica mad, but still alludes to the fact that now that Latinx culture/music is cool in the US pop mainstream, she is totally down. I guess she’s okay with Mexicans and our “box bodies” and accents now!

“Mexicans still got the box body on lock” -Iggy Azalea via Twitter, January 7, 2013.
“Mexicans still got the box body on lock” -Iggy Azalea via Twitter, January 7, 2013.

In retrospect, I guess we could have surmised this was coming; her last single, all the way back in Summer 2017, was the unremarkable pop single “Switch,” in which she collaborated with Brazilian pop star Anitta and used the video as an opportunity to dance around in a leotard in the colors of the pan-African flag. Do you all think Iggy Azalea knows about Afro-Latinidad? Would her head explode.

The absurdity of this music, and Iggy Azalea’s career in general, is that it is happening in 2008, which feels like a pretty dire time to discover if the world still has country for a white Australian whose sense of entitlement to black and now, apparently, Latinx culture, would verge on the colonial were it not so sloppy, thirsty, and transparent. That said, this stupid song will probably be a smash because everything is dumb as hell!!!


Kenny and the Llamas

Can’t wait for her upcoming K-Pop phase.