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Dodai here. Remember how I posted about my secret weapon, Alloy? Well my stuff arrived. The drop-waist dress does not fit. At all. Weird, since the shirt dress was a smash hit. The victorian button-down fits great, although I fear that if I pair it with black pants, instead of looking like a sexy socialite, I'll look like tired catering waitress. In other news, the pink star spangled cardigan I ordered from Delia's is cute and way softer than I thought it would be.

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Okay, I bought two of the t-shirts, which I like. Bought two cotton button downs that feel very stiff and don't fit well. Bought a pair of pants that barely cover my pubic bone.

Bought dirt cheap Pumas on sale however that are ADORABLE.

Got a trench at Delia's also on clearance that I love.