'History's Worst Contraceptives' Will Make Your Vagina Wince

Listen to a cheerful but calm women explain Britishly just how desperate women have been to not get pregnant over the course of history. Listen and then go gently caress your advanced 21st century western medicine contraceptives with the adoration of a forest animal bathing its newborn infant.

These enlightening (horrifying) bits of trivia come to us by way of the folks at Engender Health's WTFP?! initiative, a push to give the estimated 220 million+ women who want to use contraception but cannot access it a chance to plan the size of their families using more sophisticated methods than a Coke-in-the-cooch or weasel balls.

According to the organization's website, Engender has spent more than 70 years working in more than 20 countries to bring contraception to women who want it, in addition to their serious genital wince-inducing educational videos.

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Coke? Please. "Everyone knows it's douching with Mountain Dew that keeps you from getting pregnant"

/said to me by a NYC high school student in September 2014