His unfuckwithable bone structure always freaked me out when he played Joey Lauren Adams's baby daddy or something on Second Noah — a really amazing awful show they repeated ad nauseam on the satellite channel I was forced to watch when I lived overseas — but somewhere along the line James Marsden grew out his hair and became, like, retardedly adorbs. He's married, natch. Here he is telling Elle about his worst date with his wife, Lisa Linde: "I don't actually even remember going on any dates. What, Lisa? Oh, yeah, that was a bad one. My wife and I had been going out for four years, and for her birthday I took her out to a nice restaurant. Then I gave her a tiny box that looked like a ring box, and inside were diamond earrings. I was so proud of myself that I'd gotten her jewelry for her birthday, I never even thought that she might be expecting something else—like a ring. There's actually a Polaroid of us taken at the dinner table, and you can see the little tears in her eyes." Sigh. [Elle]