Hipsters Moving Towards Marriage Need... A 7-Speed Blender?

Thank god for TheKnot.com. They really do think of everything! Including a helpful "lifestyle" quiz that allows a girl to figure out, well, what her "lifestyle" is, in case she isn't quite sure. (Straight? Gay? Better decide before you get married!) But imagine our disappointment when we discovered the quiz is designed determine a bride-to-be's eating & drinking personality — which seems a little sadistic, considering most brides-to-be don't eat. Anyway, even though we're nowhere close to getting hitched, we decided to take the plunge for ourselves and discovered, sadly, that we've been branded "happy hipsters". Follow along, after the jump.


Sigh! If only we were All-American Dreamers — then we could have the Calphalon Stainless Steal Roaster we've always dreamed of!


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