Hiney Pumpin': "There Was Blood On Our Sheets From It."

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No, no — not butthole blood. Regular blood. Back blood, actually. Because this woman named Nikki loved her first hiney pump so much, she tore her boyfriend's back off.

So my story about anal is my first time which is actually the last time. My ex boyfriend had an obsession with my ass and always wanted "to put wood in my butt"; yes those were his exact words. One night after a bottle of patron (a piece) we started to have sex and im not sure how we managed it but while i was on top he slipped his dick in my ass and we went from there. It was great i loved it. I got real into it. I bite and scratch when i have sex. So the next morning when he got up i glanced at his back and there were literally 16 scratches on his back. The scratches were really deep. There was blood on our sheets from it. We loved it but never did it again.


Wait, wait, wait just a goddamn minute here, you werewolf lady. How the hell does that happen? I'll be busy drawing napkin sketches of this event for the next four days to figure this one out.



Dear Penthouse forum,

I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you'll never believe this.....