Hillary Clinton's Got The X-Chromosome Factor In Her Favor

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  • Will women help elect the first female U.S. president? Female support for Hillary Clinton is propelling her to the top of the Democratic presidential heap. [Politico]
  • More proof that men get dumb when they get horny: Almost 10% of men are downloading porn at work. [Telegraph]
  • An Aussie study says that overweight, single women are more likely to raise children with weight issues. One question: Does 'single' mean not in a relationship? Or just 'unmarried'? [Babble]
  • Pro-life wingnuts think that the ban of partial-birth abortion is a good thing because it will be replaced by more dangerous methods that are more likely to seriously injure the woman or make her sterile. [Feministe]
  • Having hot flashes is a good sign... for breast cancer survivors. [ABCNews]
  • Justin Henin-Hardenne defeated Serena Williams at The French Open today. [BBC]
  • Feministing's Jessica Valenti finally weighs in (no pun intended) on the magazine cover of naked punk singer Beth Ditto. Also: jessica will be on the Colbert Report tonight. [Feministing]
  • What happens to breast implants after death? Not a lot, it seems! [Esquire]

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I don't think she's getting votes just because of her gender. After all, it didn't help Geraldine before her. Hillary is simply the first woman to actually be a credible, worthy "Presidential" candidate. And the reality is, she comes off stronger, more experienced and fully capable of handling the role, particularly given the field of Dem contenders at the moment.

I don't know whether I'll see another prospective female Presidential candidate as strong as Hillary. And I also think this is the reason that the old, white guys tend to have issues with her. They just can't handle having the possibility that a woman could very well serve as our Chief Commander.

But make no mistake.. Hillary has earned her votes and support. (along with all the haters, who resent her being more than a "token" and unremarkable female candidate).