Hillary Clinton's Got The X-Chromosome Factor In Her Favor

  • Will women help elect the first female U.S. president? Female support for Hillary Clinton is propelling her to the top of the Democratic presidential heap. [Politico]
  • More proof that men get dumb when they get horny: Almost 10% of men are downloading porn at work. [Telegraph]
  • An Aussie study says that overweight, single women are more likely to raise children with weight issues. One question: Does 'single' mean not in a relationship? Or just 'unmarried'? [Babble]
  • Pro-life wingnuts think that the ban of partial-birth abortion is a good thing because it will be replaced by more dangerous methods that are more likely to seriously injure the woman or make her sterile. [Feministe]
  • Having hot flashes is a good sign... for breast cancer survivors. [ABCNews]
  • Justin Henin-Hardenne defeated Serena Williams at The French Open today. [BBC]
  • Feministing's Jessica Valenti finally weighs in (no pun intended) on the magazine cover of naked punk singer Beth Ditto. Also: jessica will be on the Colbert Report tonight. [Feministing]
  • What happens to breast implants after death? Not a lot, it seems! [Esquire]

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