Hillary Clinton Writes Really Candid, Illuminating Blog Post In Support Of "Glamocracy"

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Hillary Clinton guest-blogs for the Glamour blog "Glamocracy" today. I guess I am supposed to write about this, since "Glamocracy" has been one of my beats, but would you believe it the thing is just NOT THAT INTERESTING? Like, she doesn't really give me much to work with? Like big whup women still make less than men; maybe look into marrying well? Also, I'm sad about these poll numbers. Can all John Edwards supporters please remind yourselves that if you really cared about two Americas you would vote for the minority candidate? Because I can really not handle reading another non-thing about Hillary Clinton and her non-interesting candidacy. Her asshole father, her asshole husband, that youth minister who made her care about the plight of the coloreds, her steely resolve, her steely resolve when it comes to not answering questions about anything.

Even when journalists try to get "inside Hillary's campaign" to SAY something they can't really say anything, which is why the reporters who don't just give up and write the "You can't really say anything about the Hillary Clinton campaign" story end up writing stories like today's Wall Street Journal profile of campaign manager Patti Solis-Doyle:

Soon, Joey crawled into her lap. Ms. Solis Doyle told her kids, "I promise that when this campaign is over, I'm taking a year off to focus on being your mom."

Back in Des Moines, Ms. Solis Doyle, switching from stylish suits to jeans, snow boots and a suede hat, assembled her staff in their windowless headquarters in an office park. "We can't give up on excitement and passion," she told them.


Yeah, it sure makes you pine for all those did-she-or-didn't-she-Botox stories, doesn't it?

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That had to be the driest thing I have ever read by a politician. I mean, she had one hell of a target audience with that publication too, she could have knocked one out of the park and showed us something new. But she didn't. Something tells me that she has this sense of entitlement when it comes to the nomination.

Why else would she blow this groundbreaking opportunity by treating it like a high school thesis paper?