We just went to the bathroom, where we've been keeping the new book on Hillary Clinton (not to be confused with the other new Hillary book, which we hear up-plays public service and Senatorial career and Iraq to the detriment of the whole "Clinton, William Jefferson, Voracious Cock Of" topic). And after coming across this gem about Hillary's adolescence, we realized we really wish we'd READ the book before Carl Bernstein ignored our question about Nora Ephron in his Washington Post chat last Friday:

Betsy fixed Hillary up with Jim Van Schoyk, [who]... balked at the idea initially, saying Hillary was a bit too nerdy for him. But he agreed to call her, and took her out on a "practice date" a couple of weeks before the prom. They went for a drive and Jim stopped the car at the top of the Lutheran General Hospital's winding driveway, brought out his skateboard, and asked Hillary whether she'd ever ridden on one. She hadn't, but not wanting to say no, Hillary said she could do it. Jim handed her the skateboard and Hillary stepped on.



"[He] put her on the skateboard, and down she went," Ebeling said. "And she made it to the bottom of the hill and didn't wipe out. So, she was the date."


Sick! We are suddenly so inspired! And this is the first page we opened to (Page 33). Other highlights from that and preceding pages: Tress trauma! The cruel nickname "Sister Frigidaire"! This whole thing sounds so totally teen movie! We almost forgot the whole why-she-never "said see you later boy" question. Developing!

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