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Hillary Clinton to Do Terrible Half-Hour Interview on Fox News

Illustration for article titled Hillary Clinton to Do Terrible Half-Hour Interview on Fox News

I'm not sure why any remotely sensible human would agree to do a longform interview with the bleating propaganda-mongers at Fox News—let alone a human like Hillary Clinton, who's been so relentlessly shredded and libeled and dehumanized by their pundits and audience. But okey dokey, Hillz! I'm sure it'll be supes constructive.


I assume the interview will go something like this:

Fox News Host: [Screams BENGHAZI for 29 minutes]

Hillary: [one closing minute of silent, imperious linemouth]

Via Variety:

Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren will conduct a joint interview with Mrs. Clinton on Tuesday, June 17, Fox News said. The half-hour segment will stretch from Baier's "Special Report," starting at 6:45 p.m.. and extend into van Susteren's "On The Record," ending at 7:15 p.m.

Clinton's decision to appear on Fox News, which is often embraced by viewers with Republican leanings, suggests she is seeking a connection with an audience broader than her endemic support base. Like her husband, the former President, Mrs. Clinton is a staunch Democrat.

...For the news outlet, owned by 21st Century Fox, the "get" of Clinton is another signal of the importance of its audience to politicians and lawmakers.



Idea 4 later: What if we stopped pandering to terrified racist simpletons?

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This is a good place to share this horrifying story: I always suspected my brother-in-law was a Fox News person and now I know for sure. I was babysitting my 8 year old nephew a few days ago. He was clearly lying about knowing someone so I pushed him to tell me the person's name. He hesitates, clearly scrambling for a fake name and comes up with: "Steve...uh...Benghazi. Steve Benghazi." Yikes.