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After Michele Bachmann accused Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in an epistolary fit of paranoia and rapidly vanishing relevance, some more reasonable Republican lawmakers politely informed her that her xenophobia was showing. On Monday night, it was Hillary Clinton's turn to defend her aide against Bachmann's irresponsible allegations.


Speaking on international religious freedom at D.C.'s Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Clinton was asked about "Islamaphobia" in America and whether she had any comments about the recent accusations against Abedin. Clinton answered:

Leaders have to be active in stepping in and sending messages about protecting the diversity within their countries. And frankly, I don't see enough of that, and I want to see more of it. I want to see more of it, and we did see some of that in our own country. We saw Republicans stepping up and standing up against the kind of assaults that really have no place in our politics.


In other words, anyone who wants to sling baseless accusations about terroristic threats should think about it for a long time and maybe, instead of pursuing a paranoid fantasy of detective work, go outside, and enjoy the last third of summer with a refreshing Arnold Palmer, which, after all, is a much better way to show off one's patriotism.

Hillary Clinton denounces Bachmann Muslim charges [CBS News]

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