Hillary Clinton is apparently not interested in a Cabinet position, a Supreme Court gig or running for President again. Clinton, who is no stranger to not thinking about running for higher office than Senator, today appeared on Fox News to explicitly rule out heading to the Supreme Court. She doesn't think it likely that she will be a Presidential candidate again, and when asked about the odds of becoming the next Senate Majority Leader, she replied, "Oh, probably zero. I'm not seeking any other position than to be the best senator from New York that I can be.'' Just for the record, being Senate Majority Leader doesn't preclude one from being a great Senator and might actually help.Suggesting that Hillary Clinton might make a good Senate Majority Leader isn't exactly a new idea. It was bandied about in 2006 after Clinton spent the better part of 5 years actually working across party lines as a member of the then-minority party to get legislation passed โ€” which is a damn sight harder than the way McCain brags about working across party lines, since he did it as a member of the then-majority party, but whatevs. The point is, before she took all that time off to run for the Presidency, she was already acknowledged on both sides of the aisle as a Senator (and a woman) who could get things done and even work with people that hated her guts. By comparison, let's take current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He controls a thin Democratic majority less than half as well as Tom Daschle did earlier this decade, and is so damned mealy-mouthed he won't say what everyone knows anyway: that Lieberman is going to be out of the caucus and his committee chair in January. Hillary Clinton wouldn't be kissing Lieberman's ass because she knows what little hope Lieberman has of being re-elected in 4 years rests squarely on his ability to pretend he is mostly a Democrat and that that rests squarely on the shoulders of Democrats willing to cooperate with him. I challenge anyone to find an example of a command performance he's given this year as a politician, speech-maker or Majority Leader. He's best known for caving on FISA, SCHIP and a host of other issues to keep away from Bush's scary veto pen โ€” and for keeping the Senate in session over Christmas to avoid recess appointments. That's not exactly a stellar record. So, how about them 18 million cracks? How about the thought of the executive branch being helmed by the first African-American President, the House of Representatives helmed by the first woman Speaker and the Senate helmed by its first female Majority Leader? How would that be for change? Too audacious? Rather than letting yet another old white dude in there, why don't we take a woman with some political capital to spend, a large group of national supporters, a willingness to stand up to Republicans while still working with them and the ability to herd Democratic cats into formation and let me be both a great Senator for New York and continue to be a great leader for the Democratic party? It's just an idea. Clinton Doesn't See Political Role Beyond Senate [MSNBC] Hillary Clinton: No to Cabinet, Won't Say on VP [Fox News] Hillary Not Running! [New York Observer Sen. Clinton Says 2nd White House Run Is Unlikely [NY Times] Take Two: Hillary's Choice [The Atlantic]